As a farm family our mission is  to produce high-quality milk, as we are dedicated to the safety, care, and betterment of our people, cows, land, and community.

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Distinquished Award:

40 under 40, and we have one of them!

Jan Henderson, 40, is a third-generation dairy farmer. Although originally from New York, when she and her family moved to Chiefland, Florida to start Levy County Dairy, her passion for agriculture continued.

After graduating from the University of Florida in 1997 with a degree in food and resource economics and a minor in business, she spent almost 12 years working with Farm Credit of North Florida. However, in the summer of 2010, Henderson chose to end her time with Farm Credit. She decided she was ready for a new challenge, this time with Alliance Dairies.

Henderson said she embarked on her quest to learn as much about the dairy industry as quickly as she could.

“I found out how many moving parts there were on the dairy and how important the people were to its success,” she said. “I learned what it takes in order to ship the 7-9 tanker loads of milk from the farm each day. It takes people to do this and we are fortunate to have the best employees on our team.”

State of The Art Technology Training

Promoting and developing our people is part of Alliance Dairies mission. We lived this mission statement yesterday at our Ultrasound Training for our employees! This state of the art technology helps our family care for our livestock. Here are some pictures of the training! 

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Sharing our story of Sustainability

Happy to have hosted Commissioner of Agriculture, Adam Putnam, at Alliance Dairies yesterday! We are very proud of our family of 238 employees, and honored to share our story with him. Thanks for coming!!


All of the Alliance Dairies and Alliance Grazing Group Dairies were recognized for quality milk! We are very proud of our crew and all of their hardwork!! Keep it up!!!

Tradition and Innovation Guide Pioneer

Dairy Sustainability Award


A third-generation dairy farmer is plowing the way forward for the dairy industry with sustainable practices and technology innovations. Alliance Dairies, a 6,000-cow dairy farm in Trenton, Florida, was founded in 1990 with a belief in “success through sustainability.” The dairy installed a DVO mixed plug flow methane digester that was specifically designed for a freestall barn flush system. Alliance Dairies also was the first dairy in northern Florida to receive a permit from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for its sustainable wastewater management practices. These firsts are only glimpses into the accomplishments of the farm.

2014 Milk Quality Award-Parlor 1 & Parlor 2

3rd shift Crew-

Some of our great family that made it possible!

Water Conservation

Capitol Update


With state of the art technologies, and precision agriculture, Alliance Dairies values water conservation. Their implementation of the pivot watering system and their methane digester can be viewed starting at the 18:40 minute mark of the Capitol Update. We take great pride in our environmental stewardship, and strive to leave this world a better place. 

Jan Henderson: Trenton farmer combines family history with new technology

Florida Milk


With the hum of machinery, flashes of electronic displays and control panels with automated screens, you might get the feeling while visiting Alliance Dairies that you've stepped inside a power plant, and you'd be right.

"We consider ourselves the ultimate recycler," says Jan Henderson, CFO and third-generation dairy farmer who helps oversee the business operations of this 6,000-plus acre farm in Trenton. Jan and her family have one foot in traditional farming methods and the other in high-tech world of methods and the other in the high-tech world of renewable energy, thanks to their methane digester which is allowing them to turn wast into energy.

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We are proud to share our story. We are proud of what we do and the products we create. Working together with cows, people, and our community, we strive to make a positive impact! Watch how it all happens!!