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T.G. Lee® Dairy came out and visited us, see what they had to say at this link right here!



Established in 1990, Alliance Dairies was the first DEP permitted dairy in North Florida. Today, it is the largest free-stall dairy in one location within the state, employing more than 140 people. Our Holstein herd consists of more than 11,000 mature cows and accompanying youngstock. The dairy site is over 2,000 acres, with an additional 4,000 acres owned and rented for replacement heifers and crops.

Success through Sustainability

We are firm believers in renewable resources. Why waste something you already have at your fingertips? Here are some practices we've incorportated to improve the sustainability of our operation:

  • All water is recycled on the dairy (except for cleaning, cow cooling and consumption)

  • More than 80% of sand used in bedding is recycled

  • Effluent (manure) is applied as organic fertilizer, which is then recyled through plants that harvest these nutrients to feed the cattle

  • Cows eat about 32,000 pounds of by-products such as cotton seed hulls, brewers grain, and citrus pulp

Read more about sustainability in the crops and herd health tabs.

Poop to Power

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