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The Story from the Live Oak

From Oakfield, NY

Growing-up in a small town nestled in western NY, Oakfield, Ron St. John was raised by "agriculture values". Hardwork, passion, dedication, and perserverance became part of his way of life. Under the oak trees of NY was the start of his dairying career, and the roots of what was to come.


Moving to Florida in 1986, Ron networked with Sandy McArthur and developed a long-lasting friendship with whom would become a partner in what is now known as Alliance Dairies. "He sold corn silage to us and with his strong business sense, I knew it would work out." 

To the Oak-fields of Gilchrist, FL

In 1990, the construction began on the first DEP permitted dairy in North Florida. Starting with 2,500 cows, Alliance Dairies made sure to have room to grow, and room to still let the Live Oaks grow.

"The Live Oak is like Alliance Dairies, we have a wide spread of people rooted and securing our sustainability, joined together by the core values (the tree trunk), to flourish into the growth and expansion of our present and future all on our family tree. 

Alliance Dairies ensures the family culture with fulfilling their mission statement of producing high quality dairy products with happy and productive employees, contented cows, environmental stewardship, and a sustainable business structure. Together everyone achieves more. We are a family, and would like to invite you to join our family.

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